About Us


We are Hercules Records!

A local record store located in Berkeley, California.

Our priority is to share music and expand your musical appreciation and knowledge of gems of the past. We provide a large selection of used records, as well as new releases from independent vinyl and tape labels.

In addition, we have integrated monthly events that showcase rare talent with live performances by artists, beat-makers, and DJ’s; a little of everything for everyone!

Hercules is proud to buy and sell our records at fair prices.

So come on in, have a chat and dig some records ~


The Hercules Crew


At Hercules, we evaluate and bid separately on each of your records, in order to give you the fairest price for your collection.

We inspect every record based on rarity and condition.

Please give us a call in advance to set up an selling appointment.


Sunday 12:00 pm 6:00 pm
Monday  CLOSED
Tuesday 12:00 pm 7:00 pm
Wednesday 12:00 pm 7:00 pm
Thursday 12:00 pm 7:00 pm
Friday 12:00 pm 7:00 pm
Saturday 12:00 pm 7:00 pm